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10.03.2020 14:48 Age: 121 days

Two new Sales & Project Engineers Joining VEINLAND onboard

Beginning 2nd March B.Eng. Ray Man Ng and M.Sc. Pravin Narola join the company as Sales & Project Engineers.

B.Eng. Ray Man Ng completed his study in Business Administration and Engineering (also known as Industrial Engineering) at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, majoring in Electrical Engineering, Business and Economics. Mr. Ng had gained practical experiences by being involved in different departments in VEINLAND as an intern during his study. He knew the company VEINLAND GmbH since 2017 after receiving a scholarship (Germany's National Scholarship Program / "Deutschlandstipendium") and he has also written his bachelor thesis here, which the outcome will be used as an aid to future decision-making processes in the company.

M.Sc. Pravin Narola completed his study in Electrical Engineering at the University of Rostock. During a project work at the Institute for Electrical Energy Supply (Rostock) Mr. Narola had made comparisons of different technology for fuel cells and has written his master thesis on "Parameterizing and Modelling of Bidirectional DC-Converters".

Welcome onboard and we are excited to be working with you!