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20.11.2018 13:40 Age: 2 yrs

VEINLAND receives honorary badge 2018

Fotonachweis: Boris Löffert

Also this year the VEINLAND GmbH was again nominated for the "Grand Prix of the middle class" and received the "badge of honor" for several years convincing achievements.

In 2018, a total of 4,917 small and medium-sized companies as well as business-friendly municipalities and banks from more than 1,400 institutions were nominated nationwide for the 24th competition.

Excerpt from the laudatory speech:

Pioneer in ship electronics

VEINLAND GmbH, founded in 2006, helps shipping companies with software and hardware solutions for ship electronics. VEINLAND systems capture, distribute and visualize digital, analogue, serial, visual and auditory data from ship operations. The product range includes data acquisition hardware, power supply and UPS systems, audio and video components, network applications, data loggers and evaluation tools. The mix of software and hardware allows VEINLAND to serve niches on the market and to meet even the most specialized shipping company requirements. The products of VEINLAND are specially approved, certified and comply with all international standards. They serve to reduce operating costs and pollutants and ensure improved utilization of the ships. Shipping companies thus receive a significant cost advantage over the competition from Asia. In addition, the company is independent of its suppliers due to its high degree of vertical integration and thus always meets the highest quality standards. The constant pursuit of new ideas enables product developments that are unique in the world. Today, VEINLAND employs 38 people, five trainees and, throughout the year, several internships and diploma students. The company has been in close cooperation with the universities, colleges and high schools of the region for some time and is represented at numerous exhibitions.

VEINLAND GmbH has been nominated for the sixth time since 2013, this year by the service centers Berlin and Brandenburg of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation and the technology and start-up center "Fläming" GmbH. In 2014 the award took place as a finalist, 2015 as a prize winner.