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01.10.2019 09:50 Age: 250 days

Pilot project - autonomous, electrically operated watercraft in major cities

Project A-Swarm – autonomous, electrically operated watercraft in major cities

Recently the project "A - SWARM" started in a real laboratory in the area of the western harbour of Berlin. A transport system is being developed and tested which will shift freight traffic from roads to water on the basis of autonomous and electrically powered vessels.

The advantages of such a transport system, such as relieving road traffic and reducing air and noise emissions, promise an ecological as well as economic turnaround in urban traffic.

With the help of digital assistance systems, energy- and resource-saving driving modes are to be determined. The small floating units are autonomous, connectable and electrically operated. They transport their goods to decentralized hubs and from there they only have to reach their destination over short distances.

We are happy to be part of this project. And to make a contribution to the mobility of the future with our knowledge and know-how.

Together for an innovative solution:

  •  Berliner Hafen- und Lagerhausgesellschaft (Behala),
  •  Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt Potsdam,
  •  Infineon,
  • Veinland GmbH Seddin,
  • Institut für Automatisierungstechnik an der Universität Rostock
  • Fachgebiet Entwurf und Betrieb Maritimer Systeme an der TU Berlin