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13.12.2019 09:16 Age: 209 days

DNVGL approval for 8NMEAto8-E

DNVGL approval for 8NMEAto8-E

The NMEA Multiplexer and Interface Converter 8NMEAto8-E has successfully passed all the tests and complies with the standard IEC 61162-450, Ed. 2.0 (2018).

The device was designed as a fully configurable 8-channel NMEA matrix with an IEC61162-450 network interface and has been enhanced with a web-based configuration software.

With our 8NMEAto8-E you get a certified device for complex applications.

The NMEA Multiplexer meets the following standards:

IEC 61162-1 (2016)
IEC 61162-2 (1998)
IEC 61162-450 (2018)
IEC 60945 (2002) + Corr. 1 (2008)

Further information on the technical data can be found on the product page.

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