VL - Alarm Logger

The VL – Alarm Logger is a parallel recording device designed to work alongside the current printed alarm history from the ships' automation printers. Alarm data is stored at the VL - Computer and can be retrieved for later viewing and evaluation. Even if the original printer is out of order, the VL-Alarm Logger will continuing recording, and when installed as part of the ship's LAN, stored files can easily be sent by email to the owner's office.

Main features

Dimensions connection terminal: 81mm x 100mm
Interfaces RS422, RS485, RS232
Data rates up to 921600 bps
Connections up to 2,5mm²
Applications - dot matrix printer logging
  - up to 8 printers can be connected
  - tamper proof recording
  - easy evaluation in case of an incident
  - automatic alarm forwarding to the office
  - in the event that the consumables are empty, alarms
  still displayed on the computer
Article No. S0141