Other Solutions

VL - Ship Information System

The VL - Ship Information System  represents a visualisation of incoming sensor data. With a library of available displays, a plurality of visualisation tasks is possible. It is also possible to combine various configurations of displays and switch between them at the press of a button. Due to the modularity presentation of data, it is independent of their type. The customer is able to customize his own display from a range of existing screen views and see key informations easily available for efficient monitoring.

VL-NMEA Replay

The software is used to playback any kind of recorded NMEA messages. The VL - NMEA Replay consists essentially of two parts; the player, that reads the data and time-synchronous transmits and the viewer, which takes the data and visualizes. The user-configuration determines how the NMEA data will ultimately be displayed. Also proprietory NMEA telegrams can be vizualized and displayed.



VL-Voyage Guide

The VL - Voyage Guide provides location-specific information in linguistic form. The system is designed for installation on small ships, in ports, on river craft and in any other form of vehicle used in the tourism sector. The quality of tours and of information on local sights will improve while at the same time staff will be relieved. The operation and configuration can be performed with a simple and user-friendly software. The system can store different routes so that it can be used flexibly.


VL-Data Analizer

The VL - Data Analizer is a presentation- and analysis tool for NMEA log data. The log data will be displayed as charts, buttons and numbers. Tools facilitate the analysis of the data. In addition to standardized NMEA telegram types (IEC61162) also user defined telegram types can be used. Functions such as the search for pre-defined limits, real-time analysis, display the values of a certain time, and FTP downloads are possible.


VL-Fleet Viewer

The AIS - Fleet Viewer Software is used to display vehicles or vessels, dependent of their position, on a map. As map data, the OpenStreetMap project is used. The received AIS telegrams are used and stored in a database for later analysis. Depending on the received AIS data, vehicles that do not belong to its own fleet can be displayed. The Fleet Viewer forwards the recorded information also to other clients so that the available fleet data could used in the corporate network.

VL-SPIN - Ship Performance Interface

Software solution for time-synchronous storing of all on-board signals like flow meters, alarms or fill heights and the automatic forwarding of data to the office of the shipping company for evaluation and analysis. In the office, the full fleet or individual vessels could  compared on performance key points or exported in various applications like excel to pass to accounting department or to  the service company to prepare a service job in advance.