UPS Trafo 120VAC/230VAC/1kVA

This transformer is used to adapt 230VAC devices to a 120VAC electrical system. Devices with up to 1000VA can can be operated with this transformer. The application is possible for on-board power networks with 50Hz and 60Hz. Simultaneously, a galvanic separation for the on-board power network implemented through this transformer. With a special terminal block (Cage Clamp) are two connections for 230VAC available. The transformer is supplied in a separate housing which can be used for floor or wall mounting. The ventilation is provided by a passive air convection. The transformer is approved according VDE570 Part 2-14; EN61558-2-14 by Germanischer Lloyd.

Technical Data

Dimensions 233mm x 274mm x 200mm
Weight 15,4kg
Operating temperature -15°C up to +45°C
Primary voltage AC 120V
Secondary voltage AC 230V
Frequenz 50/60Hz
Continius duty S1 / 100% (ED)
Power 1,0kVA
Class of protection IP23
Housing Steel powder-coated RG24
Article No. U0120