Power Supplies

VEINLAND offers a variety of different IEC 60945 approved power supplies.

This includes uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), which supplies the connected devices in the event of a black out, independent of a current source.

Our power supplies, which have been developed for use in maritime applications and for high technical application, are short-circuit proof, overload-proof, have a temperature protection and an inrush current limiter. These can be used by safety-relevant consumers without any switching delay.

Our transformer, specially approved for shipping, is used to adapt 230VAC units to a 120VAC electrical system.

For further information on the products, please see the following links:

U0113 - VL-SC 420I 230V

U0118 - VL-SC 620I 230V

U0115 - VL-SMT 1000I 230V

U0116 - VL-SMT 1500I 230V

U0120 - VL-TR1 - UPS Trafo 120VAC/230VAC/1kVA

V0102 - VL-PSG001 - Netzteil

S0103 - VL-24/6,5/2A - Netzteil