VL-N2S - NMEA to Synchro Converter

The VL-N2S interface receives data by NMEA 0183 according IEC61162-2 and generates a analog synchro or stepper output.

Applications are to generate gyro compass or wind instrument synchro signals. The interface will drive typically up to 12 synchro bearing repeater. Log speed and GPS speed to synchro etc is possible.  The adjustable voltage output is up to 115 volts and 400Hz maximum, so it can be used for numerous applications.

The VL-N2S has a number of different ratios from 1:1 to 360:1.

Applications Retro-fitting of a new gyro without a synchro output
Power consumption 24/16A (18-32V) DC - dual input (MSB, ESB)
Synchro output signal S1, S2, S3, R1, R2 ; 20-115VAC, 50-500Hz,
  Maximum of all outputs is 100W
Stepper output S1, S2, S3 ; 5V-70VDC
  Maximum of all outputs is 150W
Serial input 2x RS422 NMEA indiviual configurable
Alarm output Relay contact 1A / 250VAC
Article No. S0220