Other Hardware

To the already mentioned products we also have various signal converters and displays. These include, as example Converter for 3-phase synchro-signals, which allows an adaptation of older ship compasses.

Our displays allows the display of different recorded nautical data and their further processing.

For further information on the products, please see the following links:

S0220 - VL-N2S - NMEA to Synchro Converter

S0222 - VL-S2N - Synchro Converter 1:1

S0223 - VL-S2N_D - Stepper-Synchro Converter X:1

M0877 - VPU8N - Voice Processor Unit

P0203 - IT5P - Info Terminal 5,7" Panel

P0202 - IT5C - Info Terminal 5,7" Compact

S0224 - VL-WR - Wind Repeater

V6000 - VL-Gyro Repeater

M0570 -BRM230_8 - Bridge Module 8-Channel

S0131 - ALR-EXT - Alarm Extender

S0130 - PC-EXT - PC Extender