VL-ASU08 - Analog Serial Converter 2-Channel

The analog-to-digital converter is based on the basis of the STIF A2D8 module. The analog input value is converted into a serial NMEA signal and galvanically isolated from the output of the module.

Main features

Power supply 9-32VDC / nom. 24V; 8W
Dimensions 165mm x 85mm x 44mm
Weight 500 g
Operating tempearture -15°C up to +55°C
Interfaces Power, Error: 1x 4 poles RM5
NMEA-In/Out: 1x 4 poles RM5
2Analog-In: 1x 16 poles RM5
Data rates NMEA-In/Out according to IEC61162-1/RS422 up to 38400bps
Analog-In: +-10V or +-20mA
Connections Connector with terminals up to 2,5mm²
Applications The analog rudder angle signal can be converted into a serial NMEA ($ __ RSA ...) telegram by the VL-ASU08. In this case, non-linear encoder signals can also be linearized. The VL-ASU08 has two analog inputs and can be
used with double rudders.
Article No. V0109