VL-ALRCH08 - NMEA Alarm Converter

The alarm converter is used to connect nautical instruments with NMEA Alarm outputs to the bridge alarm systems. According to the Standard IEC61162-1, the alarm telegram switching information for a relay contact can be processed which are derived from the bridge alarm system. From the corresponding switching output of the alarm system for ACK or mute, a NMEA telegram $ ssACK, xxx * hh <CR> <LF> will be formed which will send to the nautical system. There are two digital channels available, each with an input and relay output (NO) and a serial channel. The functionality of the VL-ALR-CH is configurable via parameters.

Main features

Power supply 9-32VDC / nom. 24V; 12W
Dimensions 176mm x 104mm x 41mm
Weight 470g
Operating temperature -15°C up to +55°C
Interfaces Power/Prog: 1x 4 poles RM3,5
2x Digital-In, 2x Relay-Out, NMEA-In/Out,
NMEA-Out: 1x 16 poles RM3,5
Data rates Digital-In: Pulse up to 50VDC/dry contact
Digital-Out: Pulse 24V with Rv=2k4/dry contact
NMEA-In/Out, NMEA-Out according to IEC61162-1
Connections Connector with terminals up to 1,5mm²
Applications Converter between nautical equipment and bridge alarms
Article No. M0421