FRG-12 - Frame Grabber

The FRG-12 is a module that features up to two frame grabbers. Through a VESA-compatible, VGA input images are grabbed in the formats 640x400 up to 2048x1536 and with a color depth of 16 bit 5:6:5 which are forwarded via USB2.0. Three LEDs (power, status and recording) indicate the current operating status.

Main features

Power supply +5V (USB) / max. 350 mA
Dimensions 165mm x 85mm x 44mm
Weight 500g
Operating temperature 0 °C up to +50 °C
Interfaces 2xVGA: 15 poles HD-SUB (RGBHV)
2xUSB: 5 poles Type mini B
Resolutions VGA max. 1920x1200
USB 2.0
Driver / OS W2K, XP,W7, Linux, Mac OS X 10.3 and higher from Epiphan
Applications Digitization of anlog radar images, camara images
(safety zones) and images of
surveillance monitors
Options Brackets for wall mounting
Article No. M0780