2NMEAto2R - Redundant NMEA Expander

The scope of the module is the interconnection of devices on ships which are giving out the serial signals according to the NMEA 0183 standard. The 2NMEAto2R module consists of two identical redundant systems together with each 2 NMEA sources to a current signal which are sent out to two galvanically isolated RS422 outputs. The NMEA inputs are galvanically isolated from each other and from RS422 outputs. The system state of each system is output as the sum of alarm via a relay contact and LED. The status of the each system is signaled as a sum by a relay contact and LED.

Main features

Power supply 9-32VDC / nom. 24V; 3W
Dimensions 165mm x 85mm x 44mm
Weight 540g
Operating temperature -15°C up to +55°C
Interfaces Power/2Alarm: 1x 16 poles RM5
2NMEA-In: 1x 4 poles RM5
2x2NMEA-Out: 2x 4 poles RM5
Data rates 2NMEA-In according to IEC61162-1/RS422 - 4800
up to 38400bps
2x2NMEA-Out according to
IEC61162-1/RS422 - 4800 up to 115200 bps
Connections Connector with terminals up to 2,5mm²
Applications Collection of 2 NMEA/RS422 - signals to a single data stream that is sent out via 2 RS422 output ports
2x redundant systems with the same function for safety-related applications
Options Brackets for wall mounting
Article No. M0133