1NMEAto4RG - NMEA Expander 4-Channel (redundant, galv. isolated)

The module 1NMEAto4RG is used to distribute data from two alternative NMEA sources to 4 parallel working NMEA transmitters (CH3 to CH6). Through a redundancy circuit, CH1 is switched over to CH2 after about 4 seconds in the absence of input data. At the same time, an error message signaled through a red LED and the alarm relay is opened. The inputs and the outputs are galvanically isolated from each other and the power supply.

Main features

Power supply 9-32VDC / nom. 24V; 3W
Dimensions 165mm x 85mm x 44mm
Weight 520g
Operating temperature -15°C up to +70°C
Interfaces 2Power: 1x 3 poles RM5
Error-Out: 1x 2 poles RM5
2NMEA-In: 2x 3 poles RM5
4x1NMEA-Out: 4x 3 poles RM5
Data rates 2NMEA-In according to IEC61162-2/RS422 up to 38400bps
4x1NMEA-Out according to IEC61162-2/RS422 up
to 38400bps
Connections Connector with terminals up to 2,5mm²
Applications Distribution and Decoupling of two redundant Sources (e.g. GPS and DGPS) to several Receivers (e.g. radar)
Options Brackets for wall mounting
Approval IEC60945, IACS E10
Article No. M0135