NMEA Converter

The VEINLAND product range includes a variety of different NMEA expanders and multiplexers to ensure the exchange of navigation data between navigation devices according to IEC 61162. All modules are galvanic isolated and partly secured by a redundant voltage supply. According to NMEA 0183, a differential serial data transmission is available as RS 422.

NMEA expanders distribute received signals e.g. from echo sounder or GPS to up to 12 different receiver. Individual modules can automatically switch to the redundant secondary input if the primary input fails.

NMEA multiplexers collect various data from up to 8 transmitters, bundle and send them to different receivers, e.g. Radar or ECDIS. In addition to the standards, our multiplexers can filter, modify and recalculate the signals as well. Headers and checksums can be changed via the configuration software directly on site during the installation. Special solutions like the calculation of the true wind or invert wind directions by 180 ° are possible.

Our new development includes a fully configurable high-performance 8-channel NMEA matrix with a network interface according to the IEC61162-450 standard.

A big selection of our NMEA products are certified according to the IEC 60945 standard. Special solutions can be developed on request.

For further information on the products, please see the following links:

M0103 - 1NMEAto2_2 - NMEA Expander 2-Channel

M0101 - 1NMEAto4 - NMEA Expander 4-Channel

M0102 - 1NMEAto8 - NMEA Expander 8-Channel

M0110 - 4NMEAto1 - NMEA Multiplexer 4-Channel

M0420 - SLIF P2S3 - Speed Log Interface

M0111 - VL-TWC - True Wind Converter

M0107 - 2NMEAto2+2 - NMEA 2 Expander

M0421 - VL-ALRCH08 - NMEA Alarm Converter

M0104 - 1NMEAto2 - NMEA Expander 2-Channel

M0121 - 2NMEAto6_USB - NMEA Distributor

M0105 - 2NMEAto12 - NMEA Expander 12-Channel

M0106 - VL-SDN - Selector Device for NMEA

V0107 - VL-BRC08 - Baud Rate Converter

V0111 - VL-BRC09-E - Baud Rate Converter

M0135 - 1NMEAto4RG - NMEA Expander 4-Channel - redundant, galv. isolated

M0136 - 1NMEAto8RG - NMEA Expander 8-Channel - redundant, galv. isolated

M0137 - 4NMEAto1RG - NMEA Multiplexer 4-Channel - redundant, galv. isolated

M0138 - 8NMEAto1RG - NMEA Multiplexer 8-fChannel - redundant, galv. isolated

N0580 - 8NMEAto8-E - MagicPlex 8 GIC LWE - NMEA Matrix 8-Channel/Ethernet

M0115 - 8NMEAto1-E - NMEA Multiplexer 8-Channel/Ethernet

M0133 - 2NMEAto2R - Redundant NMEA Expander

M0780 - FRG-12 - Frame Grabber

M0775 - CFoIP - CompactFlash over IP

M0640 - STIF A2D8 - Steering Interface

M0641 - STIF A4D16 - Steering Interface

M0642 - MWV CON - True Wind Converter

V0109 - VL-ASU08 - Analog Serial Converter 2-Channel