LAN24CH - magicNet - LAN-Switch with LINK 24-channel

The 24 port LAN switch is the world's first IEC61162-460 approved marine network switch. The switch has 2 galvanic insulated 24 VDC power Inputs and can be equipped with 2 SFP modules for fiber connections, in order to achieve a faster connection or communication between several networks. The device can be set completely via a web-based or a serial interface and is suitable for 19 "mounting. The configuration options include IPV4 and IPV6 multicasting, configuration of VLAN (virtual LAN suitable for the Connection of predefined ports to a separate network) or the prioritization of certain ports using QoS (Quality of Service).

Main features

Power supply 2x galvanic isolated power
  supply 24VDC / 15W
Dimensions 19" rack mounting
Weight 1000g
Operating temperature -15°C up to +55°C
Interfaces 24x Ethernet ports 1GBit
  2x SFP port
  (module can be orderd optional)
  1x relays (NO/NC)
  2x digital input
Transmission rates 85 Gbit backbone
Approval IEC60945, IEC61162-460
Article No. N0590