Network components

The VEINLAND network components include various network switches and a network gateway.

The LAN5CH and LAN8CH network switches are managed broadband switches with link monitoring and are approved according to the IEC 60945 standard.

The 24 port LAN switch is the world's first Layer 3 network switch, certified according to the IEC61162-460 standard. The settings include IPV4 and IPV6 multicasting, configuration of VLAN, or prioritization of specific ports using QoS.

The gateway has been developed according to the IEC 61162-460 standard and is used for the secure connection (cyber security) between several networks. It has 4xGBit LAN ports, each with its own firewall as well as other setting options for network security.

For further information on the products, please see the following links:

M0731 - LAN5CH - LAN-Switch with LINK 5-Channel

M0732 - LAN8CH - LAN-Switch with LINK 8-Channel

N0590 - LAN24CH - magicNet - LAN-Switch with LINK 24-Channel

N0570 - magicNet-GWR - LAN-Gateway