VL-N2A - NMEA to Analog Converter

VL-N2A is a converter for converting information from NMEA telegrams into analog current or voltage signals. The data is exchanged via the serial port type RS422. All received NMEA messages are given out remain unchanged. Additionally alarm messages of the converter can be sent.

Main features

Power supply 9-32VDC / nom. 24V, 3W
Dimensions 105mm x 84mm x 55mm
Weight 150g
Operating temperature -15°C up to +55°C
Interfaces Power, NMEA-In/Out: 1x 8 poles double-level terminal
Analog-Out: 1x 8 poles double-level terminal
Data rates NMEA according to IEC61162-1/RS422 up to 115kbps
Analog-Out voltage: +-5V, +-10V, 0 up to +5V,
0 up to 10V at RL > 1kOhm
Analog-Out current: 0 up to 20mA, 4 up to 20mA
Connections Terminals connectors up to 2,5mm²
Article No. S0105