VL-66213 - DVI-USB Extender via CAT

The VL-66213 is an extender for DVI and USB2.0 signals with a Maximum range of 100m using a single CAT 6/7 cable. The maximum resolution is 1920x1200 with a 24-bit color depth and maximum data transfer rate of USB2.0 is 40Mbps. Without any required software the solution works as plug and play.



Main features

Power supply 24VDC +30/-20%, max. 15W each module
  Receiver USB: 3x500mA / High-Powered-Port
Dimensions 165mm x 112mm x 44mm
Weight 670g each module
Operating temperature -15°C up to +55°C
Signal connections Power/Alarm: 1x 4 poles RM5
  USB-Out: 1x USB Type B receptacle
  USB-In: 3x USB Type A receptacle
  DVI: 1x DVI-D receptacle
  CAT-In/Out: 1x 8 poles RJ45
Resolutions DVI: full unpressed 1920x1200 resolution
  HD video (1080p) with 24-bit color depth
  USB: 2.0 throughput up to 40Mbps, 1.1 up to 12 Mbps
Application for proAV, interactive digital signage, security,
  medical, maritime and industrial
Options DIN Rail or wall mounting
Approval IEC60945, DNV GL
Article No. VL-66213