VL-66199 - USB Extender via CAT

The VL-66199-system (USB extender via CAT) consists of a transmitter and a receiver module and is used to extend the USB connector via CAT connection.

Main features

Power supply +5V (USB), PC Port max. 150mA, HID max. 80mA
Dimensions 145mm x 33mm x 29mm
Weight 85g each module
Operating temperature -15°C up to +70°C
Signal connection each module USB-In/Out: 1x 4poles USB Type A
CAT-In/Out: 1x 8 poles RJ45
Resolutions USB 1.1 max. 1,8m
CAT max. 100m
Approval IEC60945, IACS E10
Article No. VL-66199