VL-50044 - UXGA Switch 4:1

The UXGA switch is a remote controlled high power switch with 4 ports for all VGA graphics monitor signals. The internal electronic switch processes all graphic signals separately with a 15-pin HD connector terminal and can be used reversibly. This means 4 computers can be switched to one high graphics monitor or one computer to 4 different graphics monitor at different locations. Impedance terminations is programmable internally by jumpers. The remote control is activated through RS232 or via switching contact and LED on 25 pin linear connector.

Main features

Power supply 230VAC / 50Hz; approx. 12W
Dimensions 292mm x 189mm x 46mm
Weight 1.900g
Operating temperature -15°C up to +55°C
Signal connections VGA-In/Out: 5x 15 poles HD-SUB female
Remote: 1x 25 poles DSUB female, 1x 9 poles DSUB female
Resolutions VGA up to 1600x1440 (200MHz -3dB)
Options 110VAC / 50Hz, 24VDC, Under table mounting, Bracket for wall mounting
Article-No. VL-50044