VL-50004 - RGBHV Distributor 1:4

The graphic distributor is for all high-resolution graphic signals. The unit distributes absolutely linear and true phase to RGB signals (positive and negative, R / G / B / HD / VD or other) with BNC connectors. The manifold itself is resistant by the current regulations against EMP's and by other electrical environmental influences.

Main features

Power supply 230VAC / 50Hz; ca. 12W
Dimensions 292mm x 189mm x 79mm
Weight 1.900g
Operating tempearture -15°C up to +55°C
Signal connections RGBHV-In/Out: 25x BNC 75Ohm
Resolutions RGBHV up to 500MHz +-3dB (2048x1536)
Options 110VAC / 50Hz, bracket for wall mounting
Approval IEC60945
Article No. VL-50004