VL-50001 - VGA-Buffer

The VL-50001 is a VGA cable driver. Prerequisite for this function is the presence of a 5V supply voltage on pin 9 of the source. The power LED on the unit shows the status of operation. The DDC signal is looped directly. Thus, any kind of DDC signal is possible.

Main features

Power supply +5V (VGA) / max. 90mA
Dimensions 63mm x 34mm x 17mm
Weight 30g
Operating temperature 0°C up to +50°C
Signal connections VGA-In: 1x 15 poles HD-SUB
VGA-Out: 1x 15 poles HD-SUB
Resolutions VGA (RGBHV) up to 1920x1200
Applications VGA extension up to max. 50m
Article No. VL-50001