Video & Audio

The audio & video components consist of DVI-VGA distributors, which can distribute different signals to up to 4 receivers. The opposite distribution of the signals can be realized with our KVM switches.

Also in the field of data transmission with a length of up to 1.000m, VEINLAND has approved products.

For further information on the products, please see the following links:

VL-50004 - RGBHV Distributor 1:4

VL-50005 - VGA Distributor 1:4

VL-50044 - UXGA Switch 4:1

VL-50001 - VGA Buffer

VL-66005 - DVI Distributor 1:4

VL-66062 - DVI-AV Switch 4:1

VL-66112 - DVI-KVMA Switch 4:1

VL-66202 - DVI-PS/2-Extender via CAT

VL-66203 - DVI-USB Extender via CAT

VL-66213 - DVI USB Extender via CAT

VL-66119 - USB Extender via CAT

VL-66200 - PS/2-Extender via CAT

VL-85114 - DVI-LWL Extender