CPCI Serial_UART_DSUB37 - 8 channel serial interface board

The A0328 module is an OEM module for CompactPCI serial Systems complying with the specification CPCI-S.0 R2.0. The PCB has 8 interlinked galvanic isolated RS422 / RS485 high-speed channels (16550 compatible with 256 byte FIFO).

Main features

Power supply 12V from CompactPCI Serial-Bus, 3,3V VIO
Dimension 3HE/4TE (100 x 160mm²)
Weight 145g
Temperature range -40°C up to +85°C
Signal connectors 8x RS422 full-duplex / RS485 half-duplex
Data rates data transfer rate max. 921kBps per channel/25Mbps
Driver / OS XP, Vista, W7, W8,W10, Linux
Type of connection D-SUB37 socket female
Applications remote access server, factory automation and process control, multi-port to network application
Options connector box A0323 with D-SUB37 connection cable
Article No. A0328