VL-USBtoSER - USB to Serial RS422 Converter

The USBtoSER is a converter from USB 2.0 to RS422 and vice versa. The device is developed for ship relevant equipment such as GPS or Speed Logs to connect with laptop and office computer. Operating voltage is available through the USB port. The RS422 interface is developed according to IEC 61162-2 and is galvanically isolated from the USB port. The USBtoSER can be used as a ModBus to USB converter

Main features

Power supply +5V (USB) / max. 50mA
Dimensions 45mm x 40mm x 110mm
Weight 75g
Operating temperature -15°C up to +70°C
Interfaces USB: 1x Type B USB-mini
RS422: 1x 5 poles
Data rates 300-115200bps
Operating system different FTDI
Connections Terminals up to 2,5mm²
Applications USB to RS422 converter
Extension of the USB ports
Extension of serial inputs
Article No. D0400